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The Masters Way Course

Learn to Walk the Path of Self Mastery


The Master’s Way is a 3-year self-mastery program that teaches you how to master your life and become self empowered through the knowledge, wisdom and mystery of the Universe. Learn to resolve your self-limiting beliefs, which create you to feel the victim of your circumstances and experiences, so that you can come into manifesting your highest potential and create the life your soul intended.

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path of the Wayshower

Open to Channel Course

Learn to open your channel and co-create with your Divine Spirit


Open To Channel is a 12-month journey channelled by In’easa mabu Ishtar from a council of 33 Ascended Masters. The course is designed for individuals who are truly called to open to and be guided by their Divine presence in their life. Learning to open your channel to co-create with spirit to manifest your highest potential.

Universal Ray Healing Practitioner Training

Train to become a practitioner of the Universal Rays Healing where you will learn to open your pillar of light to channel the consciousness of the Universal Rays. There are 3 levels of this training to become certified.

Path of the One Heart Course

The Path of the One Heart School is a deep dive into your soul purpose as a lightworker.


This school offers the spiritual student a foundation on which to build their path to manifest their true mission on Earth.


This School asks a lot of you because if offers you so much.

Universal Rays Healing Sessions

A Powerful Transformational Healing Process. All it takes is a shift in your consciousness to change your life.

Why Us?

Walking the journey of a Wayshower involves lighting the way for others,

enabling them to recognize and embrace their utmost potential,

aligning with their Divine essence.