Universal Rays Healing Sessions

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Healings may be received face to face or via Zoom.

Universal Rays Healing require 3 sessions.

  • Initial session 2.5 hours = $255
  • 2nd session 90 minutes =$185
  • 3rd session 90 minutes =$185

Please note a 24 hour cancellation fee applies

To book an appointment with Jo Rushton or Susie Cameron please call Jo on 0412271224 or email on info@joannarushton.com

Do you procrastinate to make changes you know you need to make?
Do you hold unresolved wounds from your past that limits your potential in the present?
Are you going through turmoil in your life and are in need of support to embrace the changes you face?

This profound healing therapy assists you to transform your consciousness in all areas of your life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It’s healing system works with your subtle energy bodies and chakras where you house your subconscious and unconscious, thought forms and beliefs.

The healings gently unlock, release and resolve old thought forms and consciousness, which no longer serve you and create experiences of limitation, resistance or blocks in your life.

When you shift your consciousness, true healing may occur within all parts of your being.

A Universal Rays Healing assists you to move into balance on many levels in your life and may be targeted to specific areas, which need assistance and support to harmonise and re-align.

A Universal Rays Healing process is completed over three sessions with a one to two week integration time recommended between sessions.

What to expect during and after a Universal Rays Healing:

  • At times you may feel a large flooding of light, sometimes heat and energy moving through your being.
  • Sometimes the energy may be very emotional and there may be emotional and/or physical releases.
  • The Universal Rays Healing continues for many days or even weeks after the session and you may often feel huge shifts in your thinking and way of being after this time.
  • Clients say they understand so much better, what and why things happen the way they do in their lives after this work
  • You may feel a big shift in the way you perceive your world and begin to understand why you make the choices that you do.
  • You feel supported to make new choices that serve you to reach a higher potential in your life.
  • We often see a big shift in physical limitations when the client opens to receive the Universal Rays.

I am in deep gratitude to Master Channel In’Easa Mabu Ishtar and the Masters for bringing through this work.


Joanna Rushton

I am an Energy Therapist, Holistic Health & Nutritional Coach, Teacher and Author.

I bring to each session the vast wisdom, knowledge and experience I have gained from studying under some of the world’s leading holistic health practitioners and healers.

My approach is holistic, honouring the multidimensional nature of our being and as such I guide each of my clients into an awareness for what will best support them, from both a physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective at this time in their life.

I am committed to empowering individuals to transform their way of thinking, improve their personal health, achieve their personal goals, and add quality years to people’s lives.

I’ve studied with Ishtar for the last 15 years. In more recent years I have opened deeply to the teachings offered by the Ascended Masters and has witnessed profound change in my life as a result.  My expertise is in providing the practical tools and emotional support required to implement deep change across all levels of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I offer my sessions both online and by face-to-face capacity.


Susie Cameron

I originally trained in this work as it captured my heart after experiencing first hand the profound and transformative healings myself.  This work totally changed so many things in my life and supported my relationship with myself and others in the most expansive way.


I have witnessed incredible results with clients from around the world who shift and transform their lives with the assistance of the Universal Rays Healings and it would be my honour to support you in doing the same.


As an Energy Healer, Mentor and practitioner of the Universal Rays Healing, I am here to support and assist you to heal all that is in resistance and blocking you from experiencing your highest potential in life – physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.


With the assistance of the Ascended Masters and the Universal Rays you will be guided through a energetic process which will allow you to discover what you hold in deep resistance of opening to, and be supported to shift this old consciousness to create a deeper sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing in your life.


Having completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 Universal Rays Healing™ Accreditation, I love being a practitioner of this work. This is my heart song work and it is such an immense privilege to be a practitioner.





“I was fortunate enough to begin seeing Susie Cameron as a healer late in 2020 when I was going through a profoundly difficult crisis involving a family member. I have had to date four absolutely transformative Universal Healing Ray sessions with Susie, each one uncovering deeper and deeper aspects of the situation and expanding healing deep into my family’s past. Susie is a born natural healer . …. her deeply intuitive and gentle compassion manage to slice through constellations of history, ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs using these powerful Universal Healing Rays … .the results being nothing short of miraculous. By my fourth session with Susie, where we did a final healing around everything to do with this family member, I truly felt that all dissension had passed… and by the following day, the family member in question called me ….. proof in the 3D that healing had indeed happened. I had not spoken with the person in question for over a year by this stage, and the joy and happiness this bought to our family has been so uplifting. I look forward to always working with such a gifted and empathic healer and teacher as Susie in the future.”

Ava Quam Australia


“Beautiful Susie, thank you so much for this healing sessions. So revealing (family, forgiveness, Saint Germain, throat chakra) and so reassuring (You are not alone). I’m so grateful for meeting you and will be embracing this healing energy into my mind body and spirit that I have received and let the healing take place. Love, blessings and gratitude.”

Gabi FruSal – Queensland, Australia


“All I can say is.. Wow Wow Wow!! I have over the past couple of weeks had the most amazing Universal Ray Healing sessions with Susie .. the loving and spiritual connections mind blowing and the messages that were channelled through were spot on. I can’t thank you enough for our amazing time together. Very powerful.”

Lots of love Jeanette M Queensland, Australia


“OMG, Susie – things are moving so fast. And I know a big part is due to your wonderful healing rays.”

Lucy M – Bali, Indonesia


“I love this work Susie, you are great at practicing this, it feels like an Ancient Sacred Art. Thank you.”

Lots of love, Ava xx – Perth, Australia


“I have no hesitation in recommending Susie for a healing session. She is a warm, positive person with a very friendly, outgoing manner, so that one immediately feels at ease knowing she will do her best to help. She provides detailed information and is an excellent channel of a person’s universal rays. One can then reflect on the reasons for one’s attitudes and behaviour in the situations that life has to offer and hopefully learn from them. Thanks again, Susie, for the 3 healing sessions you gave me.”

Judy Loft – Melbourne, Australia


“I am deeply grateful for the healing sessions I have received from Susie. With kindness and gentleness she guided the healing energy from the Masters to my body and spirit and left me with a new sense of the wonder of who I am and of the unfolding of my path in this life. Thank you again for these sessions. Blessings,”

Janice – Canada


“I just wanted to share my experience with you and how your healing has benefited me. My healing universal ray healing with Susie was an experience that really helped me where I was at in life. Coming out of each session was very uplifting and gave me awareness to the areas of my life I wanted to excel in. All my sessions with Susie was via zoom which I still felt just as supported as if it was in person. Thank you Susie for all the love and support you shared!”

Big hugs Harrison (Dennis) Queensland, Australia


“After each of my Universal Ray Healings with Susie I have felt uplifted and lighter. Her ability to tap into exactly what I need and when is incredible and during her guidance through each healing I have felt held and supported. Whilst my healings were remote, I felt like Susie was standing in the same room as me. I would highly recommend Susie’s support for anyone embarking on a healing journey.”

Tanya Carroll – Melbourne Australia











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Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Ray Healing Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Universal Ray Healing comprise of?


A Universal Ray Healing is comprised of 3 sessions:


The first session is made up of your Soul Chart Reading and a healing working with the first of the 3 cards your

soul choose to work with.


Each session works with one of the 3 cards your soul has guided you to work with.



How long do these healings take?


For your 1st healing  please allocate approx 2 hours

For your 2nd and 3rd healings please allocate approx an hour and a half each.


Can the Universal Ray Healings be done face to face or remotely?


Yes, Universal Ray Healings can be done face to face or via zoom as it’s an energetic healing.


What can I expect in the Universal Ray Healing?


  • For your first healing we will spend approx 45-60 minutes doing your Soul Chart Reading which involves  receiving your Rays and providing an understanding of the consciousness they are offering you.


You are also able to have a SOUL CHART READING as a stand alone session – please message us for details.


At your first session of a Universal Rays Healing™ you receive a Soul Chart Reading, which tells you what creation principles (Universal Rays) govern your life.

  • SOUL RAY – This ray tells you what your soul has come to learn on Earth so it can evolve.
  • MONAD RAY (collective consciousness) – This ray tells you what you are being asked to resolve and release in your being.
  • EGO RAY –  This ray tells you how you see yourself and the image wish to show the world.
  • EMOTIONAL RAY – This ray tells you how you express your emotions and how these emotions affect your life.
  • MENTAL RAY – This ray tells you how you think and use your intellect and how this affects your life.
  • PHYSICAL RAY – This ray tells you how you work with your physical body (the vehicle of your soul) and how you interact with your physical environment and life.
  • ANCESTRAL RAY – This ray tells you the gift you are here to give to your ancestral line through your example – ‘walking your talk’.




  • For the second half of your first healing, and for your 2nd and 3rd healings, you will need to be laying down, with your eyes closed in a quiet space uninterrupted to receive the healing.  Your bed or on a lounge is ideal. Somewhere that is comfortable for you. It’s actually better if you plan on having a nap during this healing, as the deeper work can be done when you are snoozing.
  • For your face to face healing there will be sounding and some hands on work as we work with your chakras and meridians.
  • If you are receiving your Universal Ray Healing via zoom, there will still be sounding from the practitioner, and the work with the chakras and meridians will be done remotely.


In terms of results – each individual experiences different things

Some may feel or experience nothing, yet in a few weeks the ….


What will I need to do?


  • Come with an open heart willingness to receive.
  • Allocate time and a quiet space to receive these healings.


Is there anything I need to do following my healing?


After each session you will need to be gentle with yourself while this work is integrated. Please drink plenty of water and be aware of your integration process, this is different for each individual.


As a Universal Ray Healing is comprised of 3 healing sessions, the practitioner is guided as to the integration time in-between sessions. Sometimes this is 1 or 2 weeks.

13 reviews for Universal Rays Healing Sessions

  1. admin


    There is more to this world than meets the eye. When you open your mind and trust that you are supported your world will never be the same. You are not alone and URH will allow you to call upon the help where you need it most. Jo is an amazing healer who has changed my life with her work.

  2. admin

    TIFFANY HAYES – JUNE 10, 2020

    I cannot recommend Jo, or the URH sessions enough. To say they are life changing is almost an underwhelming statement but that is what the sessions offer you – a life changing opportunity. Jo has a way of not only listening to your words, but also listening in between them to really get to the crux of the matter. I immediately felt at ease when we started talking and felt she truly understood what was occurring for me at the time. I love getting more of an understanding of myself and the Rays that I have come into this life to try and master. As the weeks unfold during the URH sessions it is very easy to see how the card you are working on has been playing out in your life, the karma you are working through, and how you are transforming that energy into something more desirable and more in line with the kind of life you want to live. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, looking for clarity, resolution, a way forward then I can highly recommend Jo and the URH modality.

  3. admin

    STEPHANIE – JUNE 8, 2020

    Life changing. There are no better words to describe my URH sessions with Jo.

    I honestly feel like I am meeting myself for the first time in my 33 years. The sessions with Jo have given me a deeper understanding of who I am, my adaptive behaviours and my life’s purpose. Holding a space of love and compassion, Jo has helped me to clear years of unresolved energy and trauma.

    Although I have dabbled in different healing modalities, none have been as powerful or transformative as the Universal Rays. Jo brings the most beautiful energy, knowledge and openness to each session and I can only liken the healings to being wrapped in a wave of goodness.

    Seriously, life changing!

  4. admin


    Jo was recommended by a dear friend and I had no idea what to expect. I have struggled with feelings of “not being good enough” my whole life. After my three sessions, I feel Jo has given me the insights as to how those feelings serve no purpose and can be released. I have reconnected with my spirit and stillness where all things are possible. Jo helped me acknowledge that what I thought was just out of reach, was actually sitting right in front of me waiting to be embraced.

  5. admin


    I had seen countless psychologists and counsellors but my progress was limited. I found Jo by chance. I hadn’t heard of Universal Ray Healing, I had no idea what to expect. But she came highly recommended and now I know why.

    With Jo I worked through the Universal Rays and life coaching. Jo helped me heal, to acknowledge my stuff, to not be ashamed of my stuff but to love it. She taught me how to focus that love to help me better understand my potential in life and my choices.

  6. admin


    Jo has been the missing link in my life, through lots of personal exploration and studies to grow, i felt i was stuck and not progressing forward as much as i would like.

    Jo’s sessions were the catalyst to removing blockages that were hampering my ability to move forward and grow into the life i so desired.

    I feel like she opened the door to myself and helped me see what was already there, personally I’m big into my own development and over the years i struggled to really allow myself to grow to the level i know i was capable of.

    Jo has so far been the bridge to allow this to happen, i cannot recommend her highly enough if you want to grow and see things within yourself that have always been there but maybe have been clouded by murky water.

  7. admin


    I had exhausted all avenues within the physical realm to heal my fatigue without resolve. I turned to Jo to help address any energetic-spiritual issues that may have been holding me back. Throughout the first three session with Jo I felt an improvement in my energy levels as well as obtaining a new sense of clarity and purpose in life. Jo is an amazing coherent healer who has abilities far beyond those I have encountered before. She has provided me with lifelong tools to implement into my daily life to better myself and my health. I would highly recommend Jo to those wanting to take their health or life to the level by living more consciously.

  8. admin


    I’ve done a lot of personal development in the last 8 years in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Having followed Jo’s work in her other areas of expertise for many years – I entered into my Universal Rays Healing experience with an openness, but also a skepticism. My mind was having trouble understanding what my Universal Rays were, and, to what level this healing was going to integrate into me.

    By the first half of my first session my skepticism completely transmuted into a deep acceptance. The session brought tremendous clarity to me, it helped me understand myself in a way I hadn’t touched before. I experienced insights into myself that not only brought through a sense of freedom in my being, but also clarity in my personal mission and purpose in life.

    The following healing sessions I experienced thereafter, unquestionably brought about long due shifts in me. I experienced this instantaneously – and continued to do so post sessions, more subtly, as the shifts continued to integrate.

    The level that this work is working through and the container Jo holds to channel these healing energies is incredible. Jo’s integrity, compassion, wisdom and experience has not only brought through this healing with profound impact – her disposition and presence has had a positive impact on me in its own regard, too.

    I say with conviction that Universal Rays Healing is an experience and healing not to be missed in this lifetime.

  9. admin


    The universal rays brought to my attention areas to work on in a non-judgmental way. I became the technician on myself through observance and compassionate inquiry.

    I developed motivation to shine the torch on my shadows for the first time, because Jo knew exactly how to guide me. I grew to have full acceptance for who I am, constantly being guided to do the work, even when I didn’t want to accept those parts of myself.

    I developed an understanding of the nature of my consciousness, which I would say is the most powerful tool I could ever gain. This tool creates my reality every second of the day, and the difference in my reality today compared to 12 months ago is unexplainable.

    The combination of these realisations has helped me make the choice to continue working with Jo for the next 12 months and beyond. Thank you for changing my life Jo Jo

  10. admin


    Open your heart and trust, that’s all I can say. Working with Jo had been a lesson in stepping into the unknown. A place that previously caused me much anxiety and fear.

    Jo has guided me to see and understand the consciousness from which I choose to create from.

    The Universal Rays has helped to release and resolve the fear based programming of my ego and supported me to develop new ways of thinking and perceiving what is possible.

    Jo has blown me away with her ability to hold space leaving me feeling fully supported and loved no matter my path.

    Jo has helped open my mind and guide me to connect to what I love in life, making choices from excitement and pure potential. As a result life is blossoming.

    I can only wonder how it will continue to expand. Everyday I now step into more balance and harmony, I’m more relaxed, present and at peace with whatever is. Knowing I have the tools to navigate it no matter what.

    One other thing…. My work life balance has never been better! Love you Jo, thank you.

  11. admin


    URH was something I had no prior knowledge or understanding of, however not knowing what to expect of a URH session was actually the perfect way to start the process.

    In Jo’s session there was just a complete sense of trust and calm. For an hour or so you get to lie still, relax and let Jo do her thing with the Universal Rays- it’s the ultimate energetic experience without even moving a muscle!

    The effects of my UR session are hard to describe, but I was able to notice some subtle shifts after only a few days following my first session. The healing process was gradual, but there were definitely noticeable energetic shifts as I progressed through my healing sessions.

    Now, having just finished my second phase of URHs, I have experienced clear and positive changes in my mental clarity and decision-making ability. I feel that there is now, somehow, more power behind my thoughts and intentions; which has consequently lead to new opportunities and absolutely brought about significant shifts in my life!

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