Our Purpose


To support individuals that have lost trust and faith in who they are. Have suffered deep trauma, fallen on hard times financially or struggle with addictions.

Wayshowers provide safe virtual and physical environments for individuals and groups to learn “Self Mastery” of their consciousness. We offer spiritual education through high frequency channelled courses that impart the teachings of a council of 33 Ascended Masters. We offer our gratitude to the Master Channel In’Easa mabu Ishtar and the Masters for their enlightened teachings. Through our products, services, and events we are able to empower individuals to move out of fear, lack, limitation and being the victim in their life to learning how to harness their power as a creator being. To own their free will and be responsible for their creations. To understand and learn how to work with the Universal Laws and Principles of Creation that govern our physical experience as spiritual beings. Our programs and healings save lives, heal traumas, resolves karma, clears ancestral programming and empowers the individual to embrace ALL that they are.

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