The Masters Way Course

The Master’s Way is a 3-year Spiritual Self-Mastery School that teaches you how to master
your life and become self empowered through the knowledge, wisdom and mystery of the

  • Come into the understanding of what it means to be a multidimensional being.
  • Learn to work with your energy so that you can lift your vibration and move
    beyond your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how the consciousness you choose creates your moment-to-moment reality.
  • Learn to connect deeply with yourself to uplift and expand your energy.
  • Learn to be present in the moment and step out of being the victim to your
  • Embrace your higher potential now

Please see further information about this course below:

Level 1 Path of Light: Starts March 6th 2024.


Course fee for the year is $3100

Early Bird Registrations $2850 SAVE $250 ends November 30th

Registrations Close January 30th

A non-refundable deposit of $550 secures your place

Limited to 20 participants

Should you wish to pay in instalments, there is a 6 month payment. Please contact me directly

Fee includes:

     .     Personal Universal Soul Ray Reading

  • Your 332 page Path of Light Manual
  • Student Journal
  • Set of Lower chakra codes
  • Live weekly online classes 2-2.5-hrs (all classes are recorded and made available 24hrs later)
  • Audios of each teaching and energy attunements
  • Your personal Focus for the year channelled from the Masters
  • Australian postage

Level 2 Path of Love: Next school starts March 2024 Registrations opening soon.

$2750.00 includes all materials

Level 3 Path of Mystery: Next school starts March 2024 Registrations opening soon.

$2750.00 includes all materials

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The Masters Way Course is broken down into three levels, each taking approximately a year to complete. We meet once a week online for 2-2.5 hours. There are 30 lessons and channelled activations in level 1 and 33 lessons and channelled activations in level 2 and level 3.

Although not compulsory, It is highly recommended students receive 3 Universal Ray healings during each level to support their consciousness to open and expand and integrate the energy work of the course.

This first level is the Path of Light, which shows you how to work with the Divine light of your masculine consciousness, the energy of the Universe and focus this energy to manifest and create the life your soul wishes to live. It is in this course that your blindspots that overshadow you and limit you in some way are brought to your attention so that you can learn what and how you are creating your reality.

As you learn to become the master observer. You are taught how to work with your energy. To bring what is sitting in incoherent resonance (separation and limitation) within your field. Into coherent (harmonised and balanced) light frequency. As you do this, you start to think, feel, behave and create in alignment to your Divine Will (highest potential). Rather than being controlled and limited by your free will (ego personality)

During this course you learn how to work with your chakras, your 12 energetic bodies, Karma, Universal Laws, light rays of energy, the soul, the light body and much more.

The Second level, Path of love is a deep and profound journey into the heart of you. And shows you how to work with the Divine love of your feminine consciousness. The path of love opens you to the energy of creation that is in abundance all around you.

You learn how to love and embrace all that you are, honouring, acknowledging and accepting both your shadow and light. It is the path, which opens you to seeing. And receiving from the limitlessness opportunities and possibilities within life it self.

The third level, Path of Mystery supports you to open more deeply to your unique gifts. Only when you have resolved sufficient unbalanced energy within your divine masculine. And your divine feminine consciousness, can you truly come into the mastery of your souls gifts. And ground the power of creation through the divine light and love that you are, into your life.

I am in deep gratitude to Master Channel In’Easa mabu Ishtar and the council of 33 Masters that have brought forth this work.

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