Universal Ray Healing Practitioner Training

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LEVELS 1 – 3

I became a Universal Rays practitioner in 2017 and after witnessing many profound healings, shifts in consciousness and changes in my clients lives, I decided I wanted to learn how to teach this modality to other health practitioners and healers.

As a practitioner of the Universal Rays Healing you will learn to open your pillar of light to channel the consciousness of the Universal Rays.

Please note: Each training level of the URH requires you to complete a compulsory online theory component before attending the live practical training.


Please click here to be taken to the online training portal. https://onlinecourses.universalrayshealing.com


6-9 July 2023 4 day face to face or online

Location: Cudgera Creek, Northern Rivers, NSW

Cost $795 AUD


Dates to be confirmed

Location: Cudgera Creek, Northern Rivers, NSW

Cost $495 AUD


Dates to be confirmed

Location: Cudgera Creek, Northern Rivers, NSW

Cost $495 AUD

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Please note: Each training level of the Universal Ray Healing requires you to complete a compulsory online theory component before attending the live practical training  

Before you attend the live 4 day Level 1 training. You are required to complete the 13 prerequisite theory modules online. This may take you up to two weeks to complete, so please factor this into your preparation time leading up to the live 4 day training. You will only be allowed to attend the 4 day training once you have completed all 13 modules and past the online assessments. You will be deferred to the next available training date if you have not completed the online theory component of this course.

This preliminary training will provide you with a clear understanding for the theory behind this healing modularity. It also prepares you for the 4 day training where you will practice Soul Chart readings and the giving of the healing. The Level 1 online training is $580.

Please click here to go to the online training portal. https://onlinecourses.universalrayshealing.com

Universal Rays Healing is a powerful transformational healing process, offered through direct contact with the Ascended Masters of light. This profound work has been channelled and anchored on the earth by In’Easa mabu Ishtar.

This healing system works with the subtle energy bodies and chakras where we house our subconscious and unconscious, thought forms and beliefs.

This unique energy therapy assists your clients to resolve self-limiting programs and beliefs that create experiences of limitation, resistance or blocks in their life.

The healings will assist your clients to move into balance. Many levels in their life may be targeted to specific areas. Which need assistance and support to harmonise and re-align.

There are 3 levels to the certified URH practitioner program:

Level 1 is a 4-day course available both online (live) or in person, where you will:

  • Learn about The Universal Rays – what they govern and affect
  • Learn about the 12 Ascended Masters – the gatekeepers of the Universal Rays
  • Understand and learn how to channel the energy of the Masters
  • Understand and learn how to channel the consciousness of the Rays to heal
  • Learn how to cleanse with Pranic energy
  • Receive channelled attunements to the Universal Rays. And the consciousness of the Ascended Masters so you can open to channel this healing energy
  • Learn how to read a clients’ soul path using the Universal Rays and map what drives them in their life
  • Receive a comprehensive understanding of the 12 energy bodies
  • Learn how to use a pendulum for feed back during the healing
  • Learn new information about how to heal through the chakras
  • Learn to use 12 unique chakra codes
  • Learn how to channel a full healing session using The Universal Rays, working with the Ascended Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Ray Healing Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Universal Ray Healing comprise of?


A Universal Ray Healing is comprised of 3 sessions:


The first session is made up of your Soul Chart Reading and a healing working with the first of the 3 cards your

soul choose to work with.


Each session works with one of the 3 cards your soul has guided you to work with.



How long do these healings take?


For your 1st healing  please allocate approx 2 hours

For your 2nd and 3rd healings please allocate approx an hour and a half each.


Can the Universal Ray Healings be done face to face or remotely?


Yes, Universal Ray Healings can be done face to face or via zoom as it’s an energetic healing.


What can I expect in the Universal Ray Healing?


  • For your first healing we will spend approx 45-60 minutes doing your Soul Chart Reading which involves  receiving your Rays and providing an understanding of the consciousness they are offering you.


You are also able to have a SOUL CHART READING as a stand alone session – please message us for details.


At your first session of a Universal Rays Healing™ you receive a Soul Chart Reading, which tells you what creation principles (Universal Rays) govern your life.

  • SOUL RAY – This ray tells you what your soul has come to learn on Earth so it can evolve.
  • MONAD RAY (collective consciousness) – This ray tells you what you are being asked to resolve and release in your being.
  • EGO RAY –  This ray tells you how you see yourself and the image wish to show the world.
  • EMOTIONAL RAY – This ray tells you how you express your emotions and how these emotions affect your life.
  • MENTAL RAY – This ray tells you how you think and use your intellect and how this affects your life.
  • PHYSICAL RAY – This ray tells you how you work with your physical body (the vehicle of your soul) and how you interact with your physical environment and life.
  • ANCESTRAL RAY – This ray tells you the gift you are here to give to your ancestral line through your example – ‘walking your talk’.




  • For the second half of your first healing, and for your 2nd and 3rd healings, you will need to be laying down, with your eyes closed in a quiet space uninterrupted to receive the healing.  Your bed or on a lounge is ideal. Somewhere that is comfortable for you. It’s actually better if you plan on having a nap during this healing, as the deeper work can be done when you are snoozing.
  • For your face to face healing there will be sounding and some hands on work as we work with your chakras and meridians.
  • If you are receiving your Universal Ray Healing via zoom, there will still be sounding from the practitioner, and the work with the chakras and meridians will be done remotely.


In terms of results – each individual experiences different things

Some may feel or experience nothing, yet in a few weeks the ….


What will I need to do?


  • Come with an open heart willingness to receive.
  • Allocate time and a quiet space to receive these healings.


Is there anything I need to do following my healing?


After each session you will need to be gentle with yourself while this work is integrated. Please drink plenty of water and be aware of your integration process, this is different for each individual.


As a Universal Ray Healing is comprised of 3 healing sessions, the practitioner is guided as to the integration time in-between sessions. Sometimes this is 1 or 2 weeks.

Video Testimonials

2 reviews for Universal Ray Healing Practitioner Training

  1. admin

    I would like to thank you for your beautiful grace and understanding of The Universal Rays and what it means to just hold someone in their journey of Healing and letting go and feeling safe to do this.

    You have a beautiful, soft, gentle energy that’s each time we met I felt more and more at peace you supported me with such nurturing when I needed it the most

    With your warmth, compassion, and intuitive understanding you created a sacred space for me to embark on a journey of deep healing and self-discovery. Through your expertise of the Masters and the Rays, I felt a profound shift in my energy and a renewed sense of balance and harmony each time. I am so very grateful for the healing and insight I received, and I highly recommend [Susie] to anyone seeking Universal Rays Healing for spiritual growth and self discovery

    The Cards that I chose were exactly where I’m in my life it is so profound there is no doubt about it.

    With love and gratitude in my heart thank you so very much Susie


    Maxine, Sydney Australia

  2. admin

    I highly recommend Susie and her work with the Universal Rays. I came to her when I was sick from energetic interference. I could hardly work and my whole life had been disrupted for many years. Susie’s compassion was amazing. She has such a beautiful, generous heart, that I instantly felt comfortable allowing the process of receiving and integrating the rays to unfold. After six sessions, I am happy to say that I am healing. I have had to do a lot of inner work as a result of the rays, as issues were shown to me to work on and to clear. But all of this work was necessary and in alignment with Divine Will. I am so grateful that this modality is available. Sessions with Susie and the Ascended Masters have been life changing. Susie has gone over and above with her loving suggestions and advice, which I truly appreciate. Thank you so much for helping me to rebuild my life!

    Many blessings to you,
    Debra, USA

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