Open to Channel Course

Open To Channel is a 12-month journey channelled by In’easa mabu Ishtar from a council of 33 Ascended Masters. The course is designed for individuals who are truly called to open to and be guided by their Divine presence in their life. Learning to open your channel to co-create with spirit to manifest your highest potential.

School starts April 13th 2023 – Registrations close March 1st 2023

Course fees are $3995.00 for the year and includes:

  • Your Open to Channel manual
  • Weekly online meetings 3hrs
  • 3 Universal Ray Healings – For those not yet familiar with this healing modality, click here 
  • Audios of each teaching and energy attunements
  • Personal Channel from the Masters
  • Australian postage

$500 deposit is required to secure your registration.

The balance is due April 1st 2023

Payment plans can be arranged on request.

Please apply using the online application tab below


In truth we are all channels. However the question to ask yourself is what or who are you channeling. The will of your ego or your Divine will. Open to channel teaches you to master your energy, open your channel and be in service to your light. This course teaches you to open and receive your spiritual current and allow it to flow through you. As this occurs you begin to channel from your higher self consciousness. Whilst resolving any aspect of you in limitation or resistance to receiving from your divine self.

The Masters say your channel pillar “is the elevator that takes you up or down and connects you with all that you are – the many amazing parts of you”

This journey focuses on opening your consciousness to acknowledging, accepting and embracing the multidimensional nature of your being. Which holds your light and its wisdom, so that you can co-create this as your truth on earth.

As this occurs, you are then able to receive clear guidance and knowing in the form of. Although not limited to: messages, sound, sacred geometry and images wisdom teaching and much more.

  • 367-page student manual with 40 lessons and 100s of Tools
  • Welcome letter with the name of your assigned Ascended Master, personal focus for the year and a channeled personal message from your Master, which is done by Ishtar.
  • 96 x MP3 audio recordings of channels, meditations and lessons
  • Membership to the Open to Channel Facebook (secure private) group
  • Assignment of a student Buddy – students will be grouped into pairs so they can work together for extra support
  • Assignment of a Higher Self – includes the name of one of your higher selves channeled for you by Ishtar (This is given about 5 months after course starts)
  • Assignment of a special project that you will need to do and complete through the direct guidance of your Higher Self – the basic details of this is channeled for you by Ishtar
  • On completion of the course a certificate of accreditation is issued to you
  • Graduates may be invited to join the Love and Wisdom Council Mentor Group – an advanced group of Open to Channel students offering loving service to humanity in deep co-creation through the direct channel of a Higher Self
  • PLUS lots of extra tools, guidance and assistance offered by me during the course
  • All graduates of Open to Channel may apply to teach The Masters’ Way self-mastery program (3 levels) to your own network. Click here for more information.

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